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"I take an interest in the development of Buddhist fiction. It is an important form of teaching by entering the lives of people who are suffering or dealing with life issues so that we can learn from the decisions and conduct of the lives of the characters in fiction."

Kakurenbo Or the Whereabouts of Zen Priest Ryokan


A non-fiction exploration of the life of the Zen priest-poet Ryokan interwoven with memoir of the author as she observes Ryokan’s life during her own training as a Zen priest in Japan and encounters Ryokan in contemporary life as a model for learning and renewal. Includes Ryokan’s poetry by the award- winning translator Nobuyuki Yuasa.                              Purchase

The Buddha of Eastern Parkway

The Buddha of Eastern Parkway is the story of Nara coming to poise in midlife. Nara's quest, precipitated by the death of her lover in California, takes her into Zen practice in Japan and then to attending to her mother's decline and death of cancer in New York. Nara confronts the reality of death and finds resoluteness and compassion in the midst of life.                        Purchase

A Parish Near Ebbets Field

This humorous and humane novel follows the antics of parish members in Irish Catholic Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1950s.                                                      Purchase

Other publications

Temple Ground Press was founded by Eido Frances Carney. Some of her writings can be found in various anthologies published by TGP,

along with other Soto Zen priests.


An assortment of articles on various themes by Eido Frances Carney can be found on   Link

Poetry and prose articles have been published in various magazines and other small press journals.

From Temple Ground Press

This volume contains illuminating, inspiring essays about various writings from Dogen Zenji's Shobogenzo, directed to understanding and enacting Dogen's teaching in practice. This first volume of its kind, with all women teachers, is testimony to the work remaining to enact Dogen's vision of equality.


Soto Zen women priests offer teachings in response to a call for spiritual insight and balance opening possibilities of deeper awareness for cultivating compassion. The current global crises demand a spiritual response equal to or greater than the environment, political, social, and economic problems we have collectively created.


Leading American Soto Zen teachers speak to all who have suffered and sought spiritual guidance offering insight to how to stand with poise through the woes of existence and emerge transformed by our suffering. Our role in Buddhist practice is to recognize our own unique challenges and which practices lead us to clarity.



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